Frequently Asked Questions

Hair Inquiries:

Why should I choose Hair Exotic?



Hair Exotic offers unprocessed organic virgin hair, that is 100% natural. We offer the highest grade of human hair for an affordable price. The hair has not been processed with dye, perms, bleach or any other chemicals. Hair Exotic only uses premium Virgin Hair that has been thoroughly checked for any defects.  

Can you dye or bleach the hair?
The color of the hair may vary because it’s in a natural state. It is possible to dye and bleach the hair, the product we suggest for dyeing the hair is Revlon ColorSilk.

How many packs are recommended for a full head of hair?
We recommend 3 bundles of hair for a full look, yet it also depends on the style you want to achieve. Each bundle is about 3.5 ounces(100 grams), if you feel you need more or less, please consult with your stylist.

What colors do you offer?
We only offer the hair in its natural state, which is a mix of  near black and dark brown.

Can the weft on the hair be cut?
The weft in the hair can be cut, however we do not suggest this process because it reduces the sturdiness of the weft and may cause shedding. 

What is the expected longevity of your hair?
The longevity of the hair depends on how you care for your hair. REMEMBER treat it like its your natural hair. It can be washed, straightened, roller-set and then bounce back to its original texture. The hair will last as long as you maintain it properly.

What kind of hair product can I use in the hair?
You can use a variety of hair products, wash and condition as often as you like. It is best to refrain from oil based products to prevent quality loss.


Shipping & Order Inquiries:

What form of payment is accepted?
We accept Discover, Master Card, and Visa.

Are there any restrictions to shipping to certain locations?
Yes, we only ship to confirmed addresses within the United States. A confirmed address is one that has been established by your bank or card issuer as belonging to the account holder. In most cases, when a buyer’s credit card billing and shipping addresses are the same, the address is considered confirmed. Orders will be cancelled if the address doesn't match the Card Holder’s. 

How long does it take for my order to be processed and shipped out?
It takes approximately 24 hours for your order to be processed and shipped depending on the day you place your order.

How are orders shipped?
All orders are shipped via Fedex, with signature confirmation.

Can I cancel or make changes to an order?     
Yes, however once an order is placed, it is immediately entered into our processing system which is designed to fill orders and ship them as quickly as possible. We encourage customers to do so with urgency by emailing, info@hairexotic.com with your request. If your order has been packaged or shipped we will not be able to comply with any changes.

How do I track my order?                                                                             
You will receive an email with your tracking number once your order has been shipped. You may sign in to your account, this will give you the ability to review all of your past or in process orders placed with Hair Exotic. By clicking on the order number you will find specific details, such as order status, for that order.

Why have I not received any emails regarding my order?
If you provided us with an email address either on your account or when purchasing an item, you should be hearing from us. If you haven’t received an email a few things could be happening. Check your spam folder since sometimes emails can easily get caught in a spam filter. If this is not the case, please send us an email at info@hairexotic.com with your order # and we can double check that we have your correct email address.

Do you have a return policy?
Yes, Please refer to our Return Policy page for further details. 

Does hairexotic.com charge sales tax?
We collects sales tax for orders shipping to New York. Please note that you may be responsible for paying sales tax in states where we do not collect it. 

If you have any additional questions please use our Contact Us form to send us your questions or concerns.